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The brand

Keroler was founded in 1969. Since 1989 the company has been managed by the Fouché family, who carry out the entire production process for their sweet and savoury cakes: creating recipes and tools, then baking, wrapping, marketing and distributing the products.

The manufacturer

Keroler has been creating and manufacturing cakes on an industrial scale for almost fifty years. It specialises in devising culinary creations in its laboratory, producing the manufacturing tools and products, and wrapping them as small or large unique production runs, specifically for brands keen to maintain a high level of originality and food safety. For over twenty-five years, Keroler has been working with major fast food chains, catering company central purchasing departments and food industry manufacturers seeking to extend their ranges without compromising quality. Our production sites are located at Betton and Bréal-sous-Monfort (Ille-et-Vilaine, France). Our factories are highly automated, and are staffed by around 75 employees, three-quarters of whom are supervisors, technicians or managers. The factories are regularly audited and IFS* certified.

*International Food Standard (IFS) is a benchmark audit created in 2003, used to certify own brand food suppliers. It is based on the ISO 9001 standard and the HACCP system.