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Keroler cakes are available in a range of packages to guarantee food safety, facilitate storage, optimise transportation and make the product attractive on the shelf. For example:
- Boxes personalised with your brand's colours
- Doypacks for ingredients designed for sprinkling
- Gas flush packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh foods
- Ambient and chilled, individually wrapped on trays or in cases

Bespoke creation and production

We also offer bespoke production. Our cross-functional team of specialists will assist you through every stage of the process, from the initial product idea right through to market launch.

The Keroler team covers every stage of the production process for your new creation, and will examine all the parameters with you: creating an original cake (design and recipe, taste tests), developing and producing manufacturing prototypes (moulds and machine tools) and designing, producing and printing original packaging and specific formats.

For many years, Keroler has been using its expertise and experience in this area to produce specific orders for retailers, international fast food chains and specialist biscuit companies.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact:
SALES DEPARTMENT +33 (0)2 99 55 96 95

Trays for portions of crumble and brownies. The trays are freezer-resistant and stackable.

We offer a wide choice of cases in a variety of formats and thicknesses.

A range of individual packaging is available: gas flush cases or flow packs, as shown here.

Thermoformed pots can be used for gas flush packaging in the clean room. Using this system, we can ensure a three-week best-before date for a lava cake displayed at ambient temperature.

Printed and resealable (zip closure) Doypacks stand upright. Statutory information is printed on the pack leaving the front face free to promote the product, using a wide window and a strip of serving suggestion photographs.

We have developed a substantial range of practical, reliable, low-cost packaging solutions for out-of-home catering. Here we see a tray of caramel lava cakes in individual flow pack wrappers. The tray is filmed and labelled, and can therefore be sold as a complete unit. We can label trays and provide a traceability service. Trays can be sold singly or grouped together as multiples. They can be placed in cardboard boxes or better still bundled (a more ecological and cost-effective system!).

Small products can also be presented in thermoformed trays and gas flushed. Products keep for longer when packaged in this way, both at ambient temperature and frozen. Conservation techniques can be combined to offer storage in a refrigerated warehouse (primary best before date) followed by several days' or weeks' storage in the refrigerators of restaurants or shops without freezers (optimising the secondary best before date!). And of course, we never use additives or preservatives.